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LED Halo Rings For Dodge Challenger


LED Halo Rings For Dodge Challenger

Add a new level of sophistication and style to your Dodge Challenger with a set of LED halos.led halo rings for dodge challenger; These easy-to-install halo kits can be added to your stock headlights for a bright, eye-catching upgrade that will grab the attention of everyone on the road. Choose from a wide variety of different colors and sizes, or even get a kit that has ColorShift technology for an extra pop.

Our Multi-Color LED Halos feature full color functionality, giving you the ability to turn your lights into a display of eye-catching colors and patterns that will have everyone talking. With a simple switch, you can cycle through hundreds of different modes and functions to keep your ride looking unique day and night. These halos are a sure-fire way to make your vehicle stand out from the crowd, so be prepared for your friends and neighbors to ask you how you did it!

The LED halos use an updated blend of phosphorous silicone to coat the front face of the ring, which is responsible for their neutral "white when off" look and incredibly uniform light intensity. They also come with a built-in micro-mount system, making them the easiest and cleanest halos on the market to install.

All ORACLE LED halos include a remote that allows you to control the halos' features and modes. Each ring is populated with high-density HD LEDs and covered by a diffusing gel that hides the chips when off, giving your halo rings a very clean OEM appearance. They are available in white, red, blue, and RGB.

If you opt for the Flow Series halos, you will be able to enjoy a feature called chasing colors that will circle around your halo rings in a hypnotic fashion at night. The Flow halos are also available in pure white or amber, which can be used as your DRL and/or parking light during the day.

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