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My wife and I have these mini jeeps and I installed these lights in them. They are 10x brighter than the old stock bulbs and they just look cool. I bought 3 of these as I have 3 mini jeeps.. great product

Stevens / New York

Perfect for fog lights. Seal the little hole where the wires go into the halo and send it.

Reiswig / Los Angeles

Installed to replace my very expensive Eclipse lights. Perfect fit into the housing. All I needed was a 2" o-ring. They are very bright and look cool.

Coke / Denver

These have made my car look better than ever! I have them on the outside of the lights and they have gone through heat and heavy rain and its solid so far! If you have questions on wiring let me know!

Kerigade / Atlanta


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led dynamic angel eyes for fog lights
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