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Angel Halo LED Light Components for Automotive Customization


Angel Halo LED Light Components for Automotive Customization

Known also as halo headlights, corona rings, or angel eyes, are luminous rings that are installed or integrated into a vehicle’s headlight assembly to encircle the low or high-beam light.angel halo led light Unlike standard headlight bulbs, they do not replace the headlight or any other lights, but serve as a decorative accessory or daytime running light (DRL). Initially designed and used by BMW cars, this unique look has become popular in the automotive customization industry, leading to a surge of lighting components available for aftermarket use.

The most basic style of angel eye uses a clear acrylic rod that is heated to make it pliable, then shaped into a circle of the proper diameter for the application.angel halo led light Two traditional 5mm LEDs are inserted into the ends of the rod, which is then notched at even points around its circumference to create a series of small lines of light when lit. These rings are usually quite simple to install and are relatively inexpensive, with prices ranging from 3USD-5USD/pair.

Newer technology has brought about a variety of LED-based options for creating the same effect, with different styles being classified by how many LEDs are used in the ring and their density. SMD (surface mount device) LED halos have individual LED chips grouped together on a single PCB board, which allows them to be much smaller than older technologies while still providing an impressive amount of light. These are usually the most affordable option for making your car look like it has a set of glowing eyes.

Another recent development in the world of halo LEDs is the COB (chip-on-board) style, which places multiple LED chips on a single PCB. This makes them much more compact, able to fit in tight spaces, and incredibly bright. This new style is quickly gaining popularity for its ability to offer an amazing number of colors without sacrificing durability or efficiency.

Finally, a third type of ring is the use of an array of EL (electroluminescent) LEDs, which can produce extremely vibrant and colorful shades that cannot be replicated by the more common LEDs. EL LED halos are generally more expensive than their SMD and COB counterparts, but they can be made in a wide variety of color temperatures to match almost any vehicle’s interior or exterior.

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