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Challenger Halos Angel Eyes


Challenger Halos Angel Eyes

Challenger Halos Angel Eyes;

A popular upgrade for many vehicles, challenger halo rings are a series of LED lights that encircle the headlight projectors.challenger halo rings angel eyes; The lights are commonly used as a daytime running light but can also be turned on for a more intense look. The LED rings are very low power, super long-lasting and can change color on demand. They are very cool looking and instantly make your vehicle stand out from the rest.

While there are a lot of aftermarket options available for your challenger, they can be expensive and require a lot of custom wiring.challenger halo rings angel eyes; Fortunately, there is another way to get the look without spending a fortune. DIY LED halo kits are the easiest way to add halos to your vehicle since you can simply swap out the headlight bulbs with the new components. They are relatively inexpensive, easy to install and work great.

Regular halo headlights typically use one or two incandescent bulbs that create the distinctive "angel eyes" look. They are usually not as bright or white as modern headlights with integrated projectors. Newer halo headlights are often referred to as CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lighting) halos and utilize small, cold-cathode LED bulbs that emit a much whiter and brighter light than traditional incandescent halos.

These HD LED halos use a unique technology to produce the best, brightest and most reliable halos physically possible. They feature a ring that is populated with high-density LED chips and then coated with a diffuser, which hides the individual LEDs for a very clean OEM look. They come on when you turn the headlight switch to the first click (along with all the park lights) and stay on when you turn the headlights to full on position (2 clicks from OFF). They will not illuminate with the fog light switch or when the headlights are switched to HI or LO.

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