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Taillights LED Halo Rings For Your Corvette


Taillights LED Halo Rings For Your Corvette

Taillights led halo rings are a great way to add a custom look to your Corvette. They replace the red, amber and white ring that is inside your stock tail lights. These halo rings are powered by super bright LED bulbs that are hidden behind the black discs. They have a dual intensity circuit that will allow the halo to be in its dim mode when running your brake and turn signal and double in intensity when you activate the brake or turn signals. This mod requires getting inside your stock housings to install, so professional installation is recommended but many customers are able to do this themselves with a little patience.

The halo rings are populated with high-density LEDs that are coated in diffusing gel to hide the chips when off, resulting in a clean OEM appearance. The proprietary durable coating is what gives these halos their neutral "white when off" look and amazing intensity that is unmatched in the market. They are also completely potted, eliminating any chance of moisture or failure.

These LED halos are backed by a 3 year warranty against manufacturer defects and power failure. They come with everything you need for a full install including mounting tabs that are built into the halos for easy wiring. The drivers are advanced and refined for reliability compared to other halos on the market, and they are fully potted so you can avoid any water damage and corrosion that could otherwise shorten their lifespan.

These halo halos are the perfect upgrade for your C6 Corvette, and they're sure to be noticed by other drivers on the road. You'll get a much more custom and customized look, and you'll be able to change the color of your tail lights with the included remote control. This is a one of a kind modification for your Corvette, and it's backed by a 3-year replacement warranty from Diode Dynamics to give you peace of mind when purchasing this product.

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