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Laser Projector Headlights For Cars


Laser Projector Headlights For Cars

Lasers have long been used for far more than blowing up Imperial Star Destroyers and making dancing dots on the floor for your cat to chase.laser projector headlights for cars But they're also useful in illuminating your car's headlights, something BMW started doing with its high-end i8 hybrid sports car back in 2011. This new technology uses lasers as the source of light for your car's high-beams and can throw light over a much wider range than conventional bulbs.

To achieve this, BMW uses a laser system in the headlight assembly.laser projector headlights for cars Three blue lasers positioned at the back of the assembly fire toward a set of mirrors that help focus the laser energy into a lens filled with yellow phosphorous. The phosphorous then emits white light that is reflected off the front of the lens and outward, providing your car with powerful, focused high-beams.

Compared to this, regular halogen headlights use reflectors and a bulb to create a beam of light, but they can't be concentrated enough to avoid dazzling oncoming traffic.laser projector headlights for cars Adding a spot light to a halogen headlight is possible, but it adds extra expense and requires an additional electrical system that can cause issues like flickering. LED dual-beam headlights are much more effective than halogen bulbs at creating focused lighting and they don't use any additional components or produce any harmful substances.

These bulbs also require a dimmer setting to prevent the bright light from blinding other drivers. LEDs also consume significantly less power than halogen bulbs, so they can extend your battery life and keep you from having to worry about overheating or other electrical problems while on the road.

As the world moves towards more sustainable and renewable energy sources, cars will need to follow suit and start using more environmentally friendly lighting technologies. Unfortunately, many traditional headlights are a bit too old to be able to take advantage of newer technology like LED lights and are still using incandescent bulbs. Luckily, some companies are developing a way to retrofit existing headlights with a more efficient and brighter alternative.

Laser projector headlights are an exciting development that can be found on select models from BMW, Audi and other high-end manufacturers. They can be combined with a normal LED low-beam lamp, focusing the laser diodes to only illuminate your car's high-beams. This allows for a longer, more powerful beam that can reach up to 1500 meters down the road -- nearly a quarter of a mile.

Aftermarket companies are starting to offer laser headlights for a variety of vehicles and you can even find kits on Alibaba that allow you to install this nifty upgrade in your current vehicle. These kits come with modified reflectors, shutters and lenses that work just like the projector headlights you'd get in a brand new car. Just be wary of aftermarket headlight upgrades that aren't tested for safety and performance before purchasing. The most well-designed products are built to meet rigorous IIHS crash test standards and include fan cooling to keep the laser and LEDs below their maximum operating temperatures.

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