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How to Make Your Own Angel Eyes Halo Lights


How to Make Your Own Angel Eyes Halo Lights

Often called angel eyes, demon eyes or halo lights, they're an optional upgrade that encircles your low- or high-beam headlights.led angel eyes halo Originally designed and used by BMW, they were quickly popular in the automotive aftermarket, adding a unique look to vehicles and making them stand out from others. Depending on the type, the halos can be white for daytime running lights (DRL) or they can flash amber when your turn signal is engaged.

There are a few different ways to add LED halos, and you can even make them yourself! It's not as easy as swapping in a new set, but it is doable with a few tools and some time.led angel eyes halo The simplest way to create halos is by cutting and gluing an acrylic rod into a ring. Notches are then carved into the ring to diffuse light, and two traditional LEDs are inserted at each end. The LEDs are powered by a small inverter, which is also attached to the ring to hold it and protect it from the weather.

The CCFL technology is more reliable and long-lasting than the incandescent bulbs commonly found in OEM halo rings, which are usually only illuminated by one bulb per ring.led angel eyes halo CCFLs are thin and use cold cathode fluorescent lighting tubes filled with gas, which run much cooler than incandescent bulbs and eliminate hotspots in the LED ring. However, ccfl halos are expensive to produce and don't have as much range of color or brightness as LEDs.

LEDs, on the other hand, are cheap and efficient. They can be made in a wide variety of colors and can run for ten times as long as CCFLs. They can also be made to emit a warm or cool glow, and they can be individually dimmed. LED halos are available for purchase in various sizes and designs, from tiny 'fog light' style rings to full-size headlight assemblies.

Another variation on the LED halo is the COB, or chip-on-board, version. COB halos use LEDs that are closely grouped on a PCB board, which means they can be smaller and lighter than previous generation LED rings. They also have very little heat output and appear as a solid ring of light when turned on.

To install these ring-style LEDs, you'll need to remove the fog light shroud and cut out the mounting tabs. Then, using an LED halo kit with a shroud and adhesive, fit the ring over your fog light housing and secure it to the fog light shroud by gluing it. Be sure to apply a generous amount of glue around the entire ring and make sure that it is fully covered by the adhesive.

If you don't have any adhesive, you can also simply wrap the ring in electrical tape to secure it to your fog light housing. However, this method isn't as sturdy and can wear down the ring over time.

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