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Halo Rings For Dodge Headlights


Halo Rings For Dodge Headlights

Whether your vehicle is stock or modified, one of the easiest and most eye-catching modifications you can make is the addition of LED halos.halo rings for dodge headlight; Known by many names including "angel eyes," "devil eyes," or simply halo rings, these LEDs aren't just for aesthetics: they can also function as daytime running lights, turn signals, and even brake lights.

For those looking to take their halo mods to the next level, this kit from LightingTrendz will do just that.halo rings for dodge headlight; This color-changing LED halo kit features full functionality, giving you the ability to transform your headlights at the push of a button. The options are virtually endless, allowing you to make your ride stand out from the crowd.

The kit is easy to install with no complicated wiring needed.halo rings for dodge headlight; Each halo ring is populated with a number of high-density LED chips hidden by a layer of diffusing gel, making them the brightest and most reliable halos on the market. The external driver is mounted outside the headlight, allowing for a plug-and-play replacement if any component fails.

Each kit comes with everything you need to successfully install halo rings in your vehicle. You will receive all the necessary LEDs for your specific model, as well as a detailed installation guide to help you along the way. You will also have the option to choose from a variety of different halo sizes to best fit your vehicle's headlights.

While we recommend professional installation, the DIY-er will have no problem following the instructions provided. The first step is removing the stock headlights from your vehicle. Once the bulbs have been removed, you will need to open up the headlights to expose the halo rings and their mounting points. Once you have done this, simply measure the diameter of your headlights in the area where you would like to mount them to ensure that you are ordering the correct sized halo rings. Then simply tap into the wiring of your halo rings using the included splitters. Once your halo rings are connected and powered, they will automatically cycle through the available colors. If you would like to use your halo rings as a turn signal, simply connect the yellow wire to your existing turn signal.

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