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Halo Angel Eyes For G Body Cars


Halo Angel Eyes For G Body Cars

Often referred to as halos, or more formally known as corona rings, these headlight accessories encircle the low or high-beam headlights.halo angel eyes headlights for g body cars They're primarily cosmetic in nature, but they also serve as a daytime running light or DRL. These lights can add a unique touch to your vehicle's front end, and they come in a variety of colors, styles, and brightnesses.

Originally designed and first used by BMW, these headlight accessories are now widely available to aftermarket enthusiasts looking for a quick way to give their vehicle a custom look.halo angel eyes headlights for g body cars There are many different types of halo angel eyes on the market, and they utilize various technologies to create the distinctive lighting effect.

The simplest and most affordable type of halo angel eyes are a peel-and-stick LED ring that fits around the headlight projector.halo angel eyes headlights for g body cars These are typically not dimmable, but they still provide a brighter, whiter, more attractive look than the standard OEM headlight. The ring is typically made from clear acrylic that has been heated to make it pliable, then shaped into a circle of the correct diameter. It's then notched at even points around the ring, so that when it's turned on, it will emit small circles of light in a circular pattern, depending on how many notches are in the ring.

A newer technology for halo rings is the cold cathode fluorescent light, or CCFL. These are similar to the incandescent bulbs commonly found in vehicles, but run cool, which eliminates hot spots and discoloration. CCFL halo rings are usually brighter, more white, and more attractive than regular incandescent halo lights, and they are becoming increasingly popular as a replacement for traditional headlight halos on many new cars and trucks.

When installing a pair of CCFL angel eyes, you'll need to purchase a kit that includes the headlight cover, LED rings, and wiring. The covers are a glass face that looks close to the original headlight, and they're available in a wide variety of colors. The wiring is a custom plug-in harness that takes the current from the headlight switch directly, instead of from the headlight bulb itself. This helps prevent possible issues with the factory headlight switch and higher wattage bulbs.

To install these headlights, you'll need a screwdriver to remove the screws that hold the headlight cover in place. Then, use a pair of snap ring pliers to release the snap rings around the perimeter of the housing. With the cover off, you can then apply a thin layer of silicone sealant over the opening, ensuring it's water tight and weather resistant. You'll want to pre-heat the headlight for a few minutes in a hot oven before applying the sealant, to make sure everything is warm and flexible enough to spread evenly around the inside of the headlight.

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