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Charger Halo Kits


Charger Halo Kits

Our Charger halos are a great way to add a touch of custom styling to your ride.charger halo kits; With the ability to change colors and flash, you're sure to turn some heads. The best part is they're a much cheaper alternative to replacing your headlights, giving you a more custom look without breaking the bank!

Our LED halos are crafted with high-quality components that allow them to produce a bright light output while using very little power.charger halo kits; The halo itself is a multi-colored SMD chip that is installed onto a CAD designed 6-layer PCB (Printed Circuit Board) which makes it very strong and will not break under pressure. It's also water resistant and will withstand all weather conditions.

The ring is covered with a layer of diffusing gel which hides the chips when not lit, giving a very uniform appearance and a OEM feel when installed. Each halo is made with HD (High Density) LED technology which allows for the most number of LED's physically possible in the smallest space. This makes the ORACLE halo kit one of the brightest and most reliable on the market.

With full color functionality you're able to transform your headlights with the click of a button. Cycling through hundreds of different modes and functions the possibilities are endless. RGBW: Stands for Red, Green, Blue and White, this gives you a wide variety of solid color options along with flashing, fading, and strobing effects. Flow Series/Color Chasing: This is our newest color style option, with this you get all the features of RGBW plus you can have over 120 different sequential light patterns and color combination modes.

These are a true plug-and-play solution, no need for messy adhesives or complicated wiring. Simply connect the harness to your factory parking lights or an aftermarket switch/controller and you're good to go! All of our halos also come with the option to have an amber wire, which can be connected to your turn signal. When this is activated your halo will light up in amber for daytime running lights, turning off at night. If you would like to keep your turn signals in their normal state, then all you need to do is disconnect the amber wire.

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