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Challenger Colorful Halo Rings


Challenger Colorful Halo Rings

For a long time now, you’ve seen the headlights of some pretty cool cars with LED rings that aren’t just daytime running lights but also act as turn signals. These are called angel eyes, demon eyes or halo rings and they’re a pretty cool upgrade. With their low power draw, super-long life and great looks they’re a popular choice for modification enthusiasts. They’re also an easy way to give your Challenger a more dramatic modified look without changing the entire front end of the vehicle.

A quick search on your favorite automotive parts store’s website will show you a variety of different challenger colorful halo rings that you can buy to add to the projector headlights of your Challenger. Some are simple peel-and-stick varieties that go around the top of the projector housing. Others are more involved, requiring you to bake the factory sealant off of your headlight housings and fit a bracket, then the LED ring, before bolting it all together.

The ORACLE Lighting Prism LED halos are the best of both worlds since they are a true OEM replacement that swap out as a single component and are designed to be the brightest and most reliable LED halos physically possible. Each halo is populated with an impressive amount of high-density LED chips and coated in a special blend of phosphorous silicone that hides the chips when they are off, giving them a very clean OEM appearance. They also have integrated micro-mounts built into their back which make them the easiest to install and most reliable halo halos on the market - no more falling glue, dripping wires or pictures of hanging wire visible inside your headlights!

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